Completed Projects

Nutritious Eating with Soul (NEW Soul) Study (Turner-McGrievy, 2017-2022)

Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum (Wilcox & Liu, 2014-2022)

A Multilevel Covid-19 Vaccination Promotion Intervention in South Carolina (Qiao, 2021)

eCPAT: Advancing Public Park Information and Technology Resources to Diverse Audiences for Healthy Communities (Kaczynski, 2018-2021)

Core Research Project: Faith, Activity, and Nutrition: Dissemination in Underserved Communities (Wilcox, 2014-2019)

South Carolina Healthy Brain Research Network (SC-HBRN) (Friedman, 2014-2019)

South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network-II (SC-CPCRN-II) (Friedman, 2014-2019)

ParkIndex: a Tool for Advancing Parks and Public Health Research and Practice (Kaczynski, 2016-2018)

Food Access and Family Food Shopper Study (Sharpe, 2013-2017)

Physical Activity Training for Public Health Professionals (Pate, 1998-2014, 2016)

Increasing Dietary Self-Monitoring and Weight Loss in an mHealth Intervention (Turner-McGrievy, 2014-2017)

Core Research Project: Creating Walking Programs in Rural Communities (Forthofer, 2009-2014)

Healthy Aging Research Network (HAN) Collaborating Center (Wilcox, 2001-2004, 2004-2009 2009-2014)

Community Advocacy and Leadership Program (Sharpe, 2009-2012)

Evaluation of a Self-Directed Packaged Physical Activity Program for Adults with Arthritis (Wilcox, 2009-2012)

Behavioral & Social Support Intervention for Diet & Exercise among Underserved Women (Sharpe, 2007-2012)

Developing a National Strategic Plan for Physical Activity (Pate, 2010-2011)

Impact of an Urban Rail-Trail Conversion (Hooker, 2005-2010)