The University of South Carolina presents the

Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum Study (HIPP Study)


Be Part of an Important Health Study

The HIPP Study is looking for African American and White pregnant women who are in their first trimester (≤16 weeks). The program is designed to help women have a healthy pregnancy and stay healthy after they deliver.

Women will be enrolled in the study from early pregnancy until one year after they deliver and will receive up to $140 for completing study visits.


Who Can Participate?
African American and White pregnant women who are less than 16 weeks pregnant are invited to take part in a study to help us learn more about health behaviors during pregnancy and after delivery.

You also must live in the greater Columbia, SC area.


What Will You Be Asked to Do?

1. Take part in 4 measurement sessions: one during your first or second trimester (≤ 16 weeks), one during your third trimester

(~32 weeks), one at 6 months after delivery, and the last at 12 months after delivery.

At each session you will be asked to:

  • answer questions about your health, activity, & pregnancy
  • allow us to measure your height, weight, & blood pressure, as well as your baby’s weight, length,

    and body at at 6 months and 12 months after your baby is born

  • wear a physical activity monitor and keep an activity log for 7 days
  • complete 2 online dietary surveys (days chosen at random) about all of the food you ate in the last day

2. Take part in a healthy pregnancy program from the time you enroll until 6 months after you deliver your baby. Depending on

which group you are assigned to (assignment will be done at random), the program may involve:

  • podcasts about health
  • telephone counseling
  • health mailings


  • All information collected in this study will be kept strictly confidential


Enrollment in the HIPP Study has closed to new participants. If you filled out our online HIPP Interest Survey on of before to January 6, 2019, you will be contacted by a member of our staff regarding your interest in the study. If you are currently enrolled, you will continue until the end of the study.

For complete details call (803) 777-8268, OR email




This Study is Sponsored by:

  • National Institutes of Health

This Study is Approved by the Institutional Review Boards of:

  • Lexington Medical Center
  • Palmetto Health
  • University of South Carolina