Dissemination is one of the four core activities provided by the PRC. The e-mail newsletter about physical activity and the listserv for physical activity advocates are two important channels that the PRC uses for disseminating physical activity information to public health and physical activity researchers and practitioners.

USC PRC Newsletter About Physical Activity

The USC Prevention Research Center Notes is an e-mail newsletter with current information about physical activity and public health. The newsletter includes:

  • Brief updates of current journal articles
  • Training opportunities - conferences, workshops
  • Notices of new reports, materials, and resources
  • Current policy issues
  • Recommended websites
  • Reminders of national health observances
  • Updates from national organizations

To subscribe to this newsletter, send an email to In the body of the e-mail type: SUBSCRIBE PRCNEWS yourfirstname yourlastname, as in: "SUBSCRIBE PRCNEWS Joe H. Smith". Alternatively, if you want to subscribe anonymously, send the command: "SUBSCRIBE PRCNEWS Anonymous". Your subscription will then be hidden automatically.

NOTE: Do not include any other text in the message, including any electronic signature. Once you have subscribed to the listserv, you will be e-mailed a welcome message. Please save the e-mail for future reference.

To unsubscribe to this newsletter, send an email to In the body of the e-mail type: SIGNOFF PRCNEWS. Again, do not include any other text in the message.

There is no subscription cost for the listserv. If you have an e-mail filter in place that only allows messages from approved email addresses, please add to your approved list.