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Tune in to the UofSC PRC Podcast for engaging discussions on emerging issues and future directions in the field of physical activity and public health.

Episode 3 – Active Living is not Black and White: Health Equity and Active Living

USC PRC Co-Investigator, Dr. Andrew Kaczynski, chats with Dr. Jennifer Roberts, University of Maryland College Park, on the intersection of health equity and active living. In this episode, Andy and Jen discuss the importance of understanding the impact of structural inequalities, historical perspectives, and their ties to racialized differences in active living and built environments. The duo also highlights the social cohesion and resilience that comes with fostering environmental justice and making active recreation and active transportation more feasible and equitable around the country.

Episode 2 – The Nature Connection: Revisiting the Relationship between Nature and Health

UofSC PRC Co-Investigator Andrew Kaczynski, PhD, is back with another conversation in the physical activity and public health realm. This podcast centers around nature and health, featuring Dr. Jay Maddock. Dr. Maddock is Director of the Center for Health & Nature, Professor at Texas A&M University’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, and a well-recognized expert for his various scientific contributions in public health. In this episode, Andy and Jay discuss the importance of nature and its integral role in public health, as well as key considerations around COVID-19’s influence and addressing equity and disparities within the nature and public health space.

Guest: Dr. Jay Maddock, Director of the Center for Health & Nature, Professor at Texas A&M University’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

Episode 1 – Walkability and Active Transportation: Solutions to All that Ails the Planet

UofSC PRC Co-Investigator Andrew Kaczynski, PhD, sits down for a conversation on walkability and active transportation with nationally recognized public health, planning, and transportation consultant, Mark Fenton, MS. Together, they explore issues of equity, inclusion, and the role that creating walking-friendly environments can play in addressing global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, social justice, and climate change.

Guest: Mark Fenton, MS
Mr. Fenton is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, and former host of the "America's Walking" series on PBS television.

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