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Develop and Test a BRFSS* Module to Assess Community Indicators that Promote Physical Activity
* Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

FUNDING SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Cardiovascular Disease Branch

TIMELINE: October 1999 October 2002


Dwayne E. Porter, PhD (USC-SPH)
Cheryl L. Addy, PhD (USC-SPH)
Karen Kirtland, PhD (USC-PRC)

C. Suzette McClellan, MPH (Wateree Health District, SC DHEC)
Annette Cook, MPH (Wateree Health District, SC DHEC)
Linda J. Neff, MSPH (CDC)
Fiona Bull, PhD (CDC)
Dexter (Bo) Kimsey, PhD (CDC Technical Officer)

The overall goal of this three-year validation project was to develop, administer, and evaluate a survey instrument to be used as a BRFSS module that will assess community residents' perceptions about social and physical environmental factors that may support or restrict active lifestyles. Perceptions of environmental factors will be correlated with the actual presence of factors as assessed by Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology, and with community-level prevalence of physical activity levels.

Specific aims included:

  • Develop a framework of community indicators that may be perceived as supportive or restrictive of active living

  • Compile survey items for assessment of perceptions of community indicators

  • Evaluate the survey items for clarity, comprehension, and relevance

  • Develop a GIS database of environmental landscape features of the study community

  • Administer the survey to community residents

  • Analyze the associations between environmental supports for physical activity, community-level physical activity patterns, and landscape features. Urban/rural and racial disparities will also be included in analyses

  • At the conclusion of the project, disseminate findings and tools to partner organizations and the lay and scientific communities

A copy of the tool that was tested can be found at http://prevention.sph.sc.edu/tools/environmental.htm


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