FUNDING SOURCE: CDC PRC Special Interest Project, U48/CCU409664 SIP 05-01 (2001-2004), 5-U48-DP-000051 SIP 13-04 (2004-2009)


  • Delores M. Pluto, PhD


The Physical Activity Policy Research Network (PAPRN) was established to foster understanding of the effectiveness of policies related to increasing physical activity in communities. As a member center, the USC PRC collaborated with the CDC, PAPRN coordinating center, and other PAPRN network centers (i.e., the PAPRN network) to advance a physical activity policy research agenda. The mission of the PAPRN was to conduct transdisciplinary policy research by identifying physical activity policies and their determinants, describing the process of implementing policies and determining the outcomes of physical activity policies. Go to to learn more about the PAPRN.

The SC PAPRN conducted the School Travel Survey with elementary and middle school principals, district superintendents, and district school board chairs to develop a better understanding of school and district policies related to walking and cycling to school as well as the attitudes of school and district officials related to walking and cycling to school. The surveys may be accessed here. Click here for the school district survey and here for the individual principal's survey.


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