FUNDING SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) PRC Special Interest Project, 5-U48-DP-000051 SIP 8-06 (2006-2009)

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Daniela Friedman, MSc, PhD and James Laditka, PhD


This was a cooperative project of the CDC and the Healthy Aging Research Network (HAN). The HAN is comprised of nine research universities and their community partners, with additional participation by the Alzheimer’s Association. The project conducted formative research on attitudes about cognitive health, and about behaviors that have been linked with cognitive health. The goal of this formative research was to provide information to inform the development of information dissemination and intervention projects; the project, however, was focused on formative research designed to provide the information needed to create successful public health interventions to promote and protect cognitive health. This project built on work begun under a previous project: Community Approaches for Preventing Alzheimer's Disease. An entire issue of The Gerontologist (2009, Volume 49, Supplement) was devoted to findings from our qualitative research study.

PUBLICATIONS (with USC authors):

** To see a list of all network publications related to brain health, please refer to the please refer to the Healthy Aging Research Network website:

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The NIH Cognitive and Emotional Health Project website offers a searchable database of a large number of studies on age and cognitive and emotional function as well as summaries of measures and an executive report.