FUNDING SOURCE: CDC PRC Special Interest Project, U40/CCU409664 SIP 2-02 (2002 – 2004)


CO-INVESTIGATORS: Alexandra Evans, MPH, PhD and Andrew Lawson, PhD

The focus of this project was to link the activities of the USC PRC and the CDC with a network of researchers, research resources, practitioners, and stakeholders statewide and nationally to identify and develop opportunities to investigate, clarify, comment on, and expand the guidelines from the "Guide to Community Preventive Services" as disseminated and applied to Black Americans.  Specific tasks were as follows:

  1. Establish and support a statewide, interdisciplinary SC Cancer Research Network (SCCRN) of researchers, practitioners, and community stakeholders with interest, skills, and experience in cancer prevention and control research, community-based research, marketing and dissemination research, and cancer prevention and control program implementation and evaluation;
  2. Produce a Cancer Prevention and Control Research Needs Report on implementing the "Guide to Community Preventive Services" for Black Americans in SC;
  3. Coordinate efforts with the National PRC Cancer Research Network (NPRC-CRN) to identify and address national research needs supporting cancer prevention and control program implementation guidelines and their dissemination and to integrate these into a SC Cancer Control Research Needs Report on Black Americans;
  4. With the NPRC-CRN, promote development of interdisciplinary, inter-organizational and collaborative research skills/assets and submission of research proposals that support cancer prevention and control guideline implementation, dissemination, and adoption by Black Americans; and
  5. Monitor and evaluate activities to address research needs and share findings.