STEPS to Health was a three-year study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A total of 400 adults with arthritis were be enrolled in the study and were asked to complete a 12-week self-directed multicomponent exercise program (First Step to Active Health®) or a 12-week self-directed nutrition program (Steps to Healthy Eating). Participants completed measures of physical activity, diet, symptoms of arthritis, lower and upper body strength, functional aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance, and psychosocial functioning before they begin the program, at the end of the program (12-weeks), and six months later. At the last measurement visit, participants who started with the exercise program received the nutrition program and vice versa. If shown to be effective, these programs could be widely disseminated for a very low cost, thus having the potential to make a tremendous public health impact on the burden of arthritis.


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