FUNDING SOURCE: CDC and NCI, 2014-2019 (previously funded in 2009-2014)





PROJECT DIRECTOR: James Lyndon (Lyn) McCracken, MA

Cancer-related health disparities in South Carolina (SC) are among the largest in the nation. The SC-CPCRN-II is working to reduce cancer-related health disparities among disenfranchised and medically underserved populations by advancing dissemination and implementation (D&I) science. In strong partnership with the National Association for Community Health Centers, the SC Primary Health Care Association, federally qualified health centers, the South Carolina Cancer Alliance, and other academic, community, and faith-based partners, the SC-CPCRN-II uses evidence-based approaches for the D&I of efficacious cancer prevention and control messages, programs, and interventions. The relevance of our D&I efforts in SC is strengthened considerably through established partnerships with our target audiences and stakeholders, leading to improved health outcomes. Our team’s well-recognized community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach to D&I research increases the validity and relevance of our work, ultimately providing all stakeholders with valuable information about strategies and programming for improving health and reducing cancer-related health disparities. The SC-CPCRN-II has three specific aims: 1) Disseminate, implement, and evaluate efficacious, multi-level, and multi-site public health interventions to address cancer-related health disparities; 2) Engage community partners and stakeholders locally, regionally, and nationally in research, training, and technical assistance to increase the impact of the cancer prevention and control and D&I evidence base in SC and translate effective interventions into practice; and 3) Increase participation in cancer prevention and control behaviors, such as cancer screening, physical activity, and access to and consumption of healthful foods among high-risk and disparate populations.

To learn more about the SC-CPCRN-II, please visit this website:


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