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Action for Health Kids Resource Database
Action for Health Kids (AFHK) is a national initiative aimed at improving the health and educational performance of children through better physical education and nutrition in schools. The AFHK website hosts a resource database that contains links to over 150 brochures, books, CD-ROMS, toolkits, and websites containing information on children's physical activity and nutrition.

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America is the world's largest fitness educator that certifies fitness professionals and develops educational materials. The website contains information regarding services, supplies, and support that the Association offers.

Appropriations Fact Sheets
The Chronic Disease Directors website offers 11 Appropriations Fact Sheets that can be used to raise awareness about current federal appropriations plans when communicating with a range of audiences. Included in the Fact Sheets is information about CDC funding for nutrition, physical activity and obesity programs, heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and arthritis.

Asthma Management Website
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's National Asthma Education and Prevention Program has created the "Asthma Management Model System," primarily for health care professionals to learn the latest diagnostic and treatment methods. The site also contains consumer education materials, including one on "Asthma and Physical Activity in the School."

Bright Futures in Practice: Physical Activity
This site offers guides for the health professional which provide developmentally appropriate physical activity supervision for children and adolescents. The site also includes an overview of physical activity issues and concerns, and strategies and tools for health promotion and disease prevention.

Center for the Advancement of Health
The goal of the Center for the Advancement of Health is to link health research to policy and practice. In addition, the Center aims to encourage collaboration among researchers, policy makers, and practitioners and communicate information about translating research to policy and practice.

The Center for Weight and Health
The Center for Weight and Health promotes collaborative solutions to weight problems and food security issues by encouraging and conducting relevant research. Their website contains information regarding projects, resources, literature, and data and statistics that relate to weight problems.

Chronic Disease Directors: Appropriations Fact Sheet
The Chronic Disease Directors (CDD) website offers 11 appropriations Fact Sheets. These can be used to raise awareness about current federal appropriations plans when communicating with a range of audiences, including CDD members, decision-makers, partners, and community groups. Included in the Fact Sheets is information about CDC funding for nutrition, physical activity and obesity programs, heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and arthritis.

Electronic Resources for Evaluators
This web site has numerous links to evaluation related sites which include: Links to People & Organizations, Links to Online Journals and Resources, Links to Evaluation Tools & Data, Links to Training, Jobs & Funding, and other Favorites. The resources were compiled by Catherine Elwell, a doctoral candidate and staff member in Educational Research and Evaluation at Utah State University.

Fitness for Youth Program (FFY)
FFY is a program developed by the University of Michigan and Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan that teaches health-related concepts to students and provides several weekly periods of vigorous cardiovascular exercise. The FFY website provides examples of successful fitness programs for youth, tips for successful implementation, and research on children's health.

Foundation Center
The Foundation Center provides a gateway to philanthropy on the worldwide web for grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public.

Guidelines for Promoting Physical Activity and Nutrition
The Association of State and Territorial Public Health Nutrition Directors' Nutrition and Physical Activity Work Group has published "Guidelines for Comprehensive Programs to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity". The document offers recommendations for making it easier to live a healthy lifestyle by counteracting the impact of living in a society that makes it easy to eat high-calorie foods while avoiding activity. State and local health advocates can use the Guidelines to create comprehensive nutrition, physical activity, and obesity control programs.

Health Education Advocate
Health Education Advocate has a mission "to provide a central, timely source of advocacy information related to the field of health education and health promotion." Their website includes sections on Advocacy Alerts, Taking Action, Legislation, Identify Your Congressmen, Advocacy Resources, and several others.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for Older Adults
This web site provides professionals with free strategies and materials to enhance the capacity of national, state and local organizations in serving the health promotion and disease prevention needs of older adults.

Health Resources for Minority Women
The National Women's Health Information Center has compiled "Health Resources for Women of Color," which lists information from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services agencies and programs. Included are materials on physical activity, for African American women and for Hispanic/Latino women, from several U.S. government agencies.

Human Kinetics Publishing
Human Kinetics Publishing has a "commitment to developing quality resources in such areas as the sport and exercise sciences, physical education, fitness, sports, and coaching." In addition to their product catalog, their website also includes information on jobs, conferences and links to other physical activity-related sites.

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Library
With information compiled by the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Library at Georgetown University, this website offers a selection of recent, high-quality resources that analyze data, describe public health campaigns and other promotion programs, and report on research aimed at identifying promising strategies for improving physical activity levels within families, schools, and communities.

North Carolina Prevention Partners
The mission of North Carolina Prevention Partners is "putting prevention first for a healthier NC by fostering partnerships, promoting prevention, and influencing policy." Their website provides resource lists for a wide variety of health promotion and disease prevention topics, including physical activity.

Patient-centered Assessment and Counseling for Exercise and Nutrition (PACE)
PACE is a nutrition and physical activity counseling program for physicians and other health care providers that includes assessment tools and counseling protocols. Information about the materials and training is provided on the website.

Public Health Training Network
The Public Health Training Network (PHTN) is a distance learning system sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control, that takes training opportunities to professionals in public health settings and, increasingly, in healthcare and related settings.

Researchers against Inactivity-related Disorders (RIDS)
Researchers against Inactivity-related Disorders (RIDS)is an organization that advocates for government support of research into disorders associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The website provides facts about sedentary death syndrome, links for contacting legislators, and other links and resources.

Social Marketing
A website billing itself as "The most comprehensive online resource on social marketing" is sponsored by Weinreich Communications. The site includes information on social marketing conferences, a series of articles describing social marketing and research, a list of free publications, and links to related sites.

Social Marketing: Health Canada
Health Canada, the national health department of Canada, has created a Social Marketing Network. One of the resources available at the website is an annotated bibliography, which contains information on physical activity and social marketing. An on-line tutorial on social marketing is also included.

Take Heart Alaska
Take Heart Alaska is a statewide cardiovascular disease prevention coalition. A subgroup of the coalition, Alaskans Promoting Physical Activity (APPA), is dedicated to increasing physical activity among Alaskans to reduce CVD. Their website contains publications, links, data and statistics concerning CVD in Alaskans, and information about Take Heart Alaska and APPA.

VERB sites for tweens
VERB was a CDC youth media campaign that was aimed at encouraging positive physical activity among youth aged 9-13 (tweens). The campaing ran from 2002 through 2006, and used a variety of media channels and out-of-home outlets to communicate ideas for fun physical activities.

Weight-Control Information Network
A service of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, the Weight-control Information Network site offers professionals and consumers science-based information on obesity, weight control and nutrition. Included are publications, lecture series on video, and a program listing.

World Health News
This online news digest from the Center for Health Communication of the Harvard School of Public Health is designed as a resource for an international audience of policy makers and journalists, as well as public health researchers, practitioners, and advocates.