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2006 Newsletters


  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: National Public Health Week 2006; Google Map Pedometer; New Website for Alberta Centre for Active Living
  • WHAT'S HAPPENING IN WASHINGTON: 50th Anniversary of the President's Council; Physical Education Amendments for No Child Left Behind; Workplace Health Improvement Program; Guide for SR2S Program Implementation
  • RESEARCH NOTES: Physical Activity Pie; Accessibility of Health Clubs for People with Disabilities; Workplace Walkability Tool
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: Economic Benefits of Trails and Greenways; Trail User Survey Workbook
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: CDC's 2006 National Health Promotion Conference; Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2006; Active Aging 2006; Cooper Institute Conference Series
  • USC PREVENTION RESEARCH CENTER UPDATE: Blow it up with the Plaza; Recent Publications


  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: National Trails Day; 70,000 Steps in 7 Days Walking Challenge; 101 Tips for Family Fitness Fun, PepsiCo and YMCA Partner to Fight Obesity
  • RESEARCH NOTES: Access to PA Facilities, PA and Overweight Patterns in Adolescents; Exercise and Dementia Risk; Journals Focus on PA
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: Proceedings from Whistler 2001 Conference Now Available Online
  • SCHOOL HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Healthy School Program Launched
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: Minnesota Cities Strive to Be Fit Cities; Healthy America Initiative
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: 29th Annual Diabetes Conference


  • NEWS YOU CAN USE:Top 10 Walking Cities in US; Bicycle Friendly Communities; 50th Anniversary of President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports; National Society of Physical Activity Practitioners in Public Health is Formed
  • WHAT'S HAPPENING IN WASHINGTON: Healthy Places Act of 2006
  • RESEARCH NOTES: Multi-Scale Analysis of Building Communities to Promote PA; PA and Adolescent Risk Behaviors
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: NCBW Launches New Website; Childhood Obesity Policy Statement from American Academy of Pediatrics; Let's Just Play; National SRTS Clearinghouse
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PE) IN SCHOOLS: PE Curriculum Analysis Tool; 2006 Shape of the Nation Report; Nutrition and PA in US Elementary Schools
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: Complete Streets Campaign Launched
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: 2006 Cooper Institute Conference Series; Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference; SRTS National Partnership Meeting


  • FEATURE STORY: Step Up! Step Out!
  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: Walk to School Month
  • WHAT'S HAPPENING IN WASHINGTON: Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act
  • RESEARCH NOTES: PA Programs for Older Adults; Internet PA Intervention for Girls
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: 2nd Edition Complete Streets Guide; Land Use and Health Toolbox; ENACT Local Policy Database; Developing Messages about PA;
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: On Common Ground Magazine Examines Smart Growth; Street Share Campaign; SRTS Program to be Adapted for Inner Cities; Online Promotional Video for SRTS
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: 2006 Copper Institute Confernce Series; SOPHE 57th Annual Meeting; ALR 2007 Conference


  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: New "Eat Smart. Play Hard." Web Pages
  • RESEARCH NOTES: Neighborhood PA Questionnaire; Why Canadians Cycle More Than Americans; Evaluation of Physical Activity Programs
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: New Guidelines for PA in Schools; Public Health and Built Environment; Community Guide PA Recommendations
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: Building Healthy Communities for Older Adults
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: NCBW Announces Round VI of Walkable Community Workshops; Active Aging 2006


  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: NEWS YOU CAN USE: Research Update Search Engine Added to USCPRC Website; Walk It Website
  • RESEARCH NOTES: People and Pets Exercising Together; Community Coalitions Ability to Create PA Classes for Older Adults; PA Program for Older Adults with Hip Fracture
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: PA Guidelines for Americans; Overweight and PA Among Children Report
  • SCHOOL HEALTH AND WELLNESS: School Health Index Training Manual; Atlanta Bicycle Campaign Offers SRTS Tools; Safe Routes to School Online Guide
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: ALR Annual Conference; Smart Growth Conference; Healthy Aging Research Symposium


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