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2004 Newsletters


  • IMPORTANT NEWS: CDC to Correct Obesity Impact Figures
  • WHAT'S HAPPENING IN WASHINGTON: Childhood Obesity Reduction Act
  • RESEARCH NOTES: Perceptions of Neighborhood Environment for Physical Activity; Focusing on Youth in PA Research
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: Mean Streets 2004, Bone Health in the Spotlight; Guidelines for Physical Activity Instructors of Older Adults; PA Policy Resource Manual; Non-Motorized Transportation Publications; Bicycling Promoted in UK; Local Governments' Awareness of Active Living
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: Americans Prefer Walkable Neighborhoods; Nuestro Pueblo Newsletter Focuses on Active Living; Built Environment and PA Evaluation
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: TrailLink 2005 Biennial Conference


  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: America on the Move Day; ExerciseDaily!Website
  • RESEARCH NOTES: Using GIS to Assess Environmental Supports for PA; Suburban Sprawl and Your Health; Healthcare Costs Related to PA and BMI
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: Action for Healthy Kids Report; Preventing Childhood Obesity Report; Trails and Greenway Clearinghouse; Your Heart, Your Life Website; Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: Incentives for Healthier Development
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY CAMPAIGNS: HealthierFeds Campaign; You Can! Campaign Now Enrolling Partners
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: National Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Conference


  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for Childhood Obesity Programs
  • RESEARCH NOTES: Look Like a Media Figure; Safety in Numbers
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: Qualitative Research Database, Financial Cost of Inactivity Calculator; Stairways to Health; BRFSS Maps; Prevention Communication Research Database; US DOT Publications; Urban Sprawl and Public Health
  • RESOURCES FOR WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND YOUTH: Bright Ideas; VERB's Hispanic/Latino Campaign; PE Checklist; National SR2S Leadership Training; Curriculum to Reduce TV Viewing
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: Washington Funds SR2S Projects; Chicago Bike Station
  • USC PREVENTION RESEARCH CENTER UPDATE: USC Faculty Position in Epidemiology of PA; Post-Doc Fellowship at USC PRC; Recent USC PRC Publications


  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: VERB Appreciation Day Kit; Bike Safety Radio PSA
  • RESEARCH NOTES: Environmental Factors and PA Recommendations; PA and Preschool Policies; Unsafe to Play?; Increasing Stair Use; VERB Campaign
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: Hearts N' Parks Evaluation; Economic Impact of Bicycling Facilities in NC; Fixing Our Broken PE System; Maryland SR2S Guidebook; Safety, PA, and Built Environment
    ParticipACTION Success Story; Healthy Transportation Network; Bicycle Friendly Communities; Shape Up Somerville; GoGirlGo! Campaign Launched; Powerful Bones, Powerful Girls
    Active Living Research Conference; Safe Routes to School Institute
    Recent Publications


  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: TV-Turnoff Week; Move For Health Day; National Employee Health and Fitness Day; Bike-to-Work; New America on the Move Website
  • WHAT'S HAPPENING IN WASHINGTON: House Passes TEA-21 Reauthorization Bill
  • RESEARCH NOTES: New Nutrition and PA Journal; Vigorous PA During College Transition; Perceived Environmental Supports and PA; Automatic Monitoring of PA; Strength Training Among Older Adults
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: Active Living Research Resources; Healthy Lifestyle & Disease Prevention Campaign; Interactive Physical Activity Tool; New Standards for Physical Education; Childhood Obesity Prevention Program; School Nutrition and PA Policy Briefs; Outstanding Physical Education Programs; Benefits of Walking School Buses; Older Consumers And PA Promotion; Exercise Prescription for Older Adults; New Strength Training Program for Older Adults
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: Report on the Accommodation of Walking and Bicycling; Best Walking Cities in the US; Boston's Big Dig and Active Community Design; London's Mayor Launches New Walkability Plan
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: Cooper Institute Annual Conference

  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: PEP Grants Available; Website for Physical Education Grants; Older Americans Month to Focus on Living Well; Weekly Fitness Chat
  • WHAT'S HAPPENING IN WASHINGTON: Senate Passes TEA-21 Reauthorization Bill
  • RESEARCH NOTES: Special Issue on Active Lifestyles; Step Per Day Recommendations; Neighborhood Influences on PA in Older Adults; Changes in Fitness and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: Annual Medical Expenditures Attributable to Obesity; VERB Campaign Evaluation Results; Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity in Schools; New Report Finds Girls Less Active Than Boys; Helping Youth Make Healthy Eating And Fitness Decisions; More Scottish Kids Walk to School; Pre-Formulated Searches for HP2010 Topics; Fact Sheet on Physical Activity and Health; New Interactive Physical Activity Tool
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: Colorado Safe Routes to School Bill; Safe Routes to School Website; New Smart Growth Publication; New Physical Inactivity Presentation
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition; Spark After-School Institute; International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Conference
  • USC PREVENTION RESEARCH CENTER UPDATE: 2004 Physical Activity and Public Health Courses; PRC Website Redesign

  • NEWS YOU CAN USE: 10 Best Walking Cities in America
  • WHAT'S HAPPENING IN WASHINGTON: Senate Passes IMPACT Bill; TEA-21 Reauthorization Update
  • RESEARCH NOTES: PA in Amish Adults; Associations Between Community Perceptions and PA Levels; PA, BMI, Caloric Intake and CVD Mortality; Exercise Behavior Change in Women; New Chronic Disease Journal; Special Section on Built Environment and Health; Special Journal Issue on Physical Activity
  • REPORTS, SURVEYS, GUIDELINES, RESOURCES: Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids; Active Kids, Healthy Kids; Registry of Children's Obesity Efforts; NASPE Recommends More Physical Activity for Kids; Free Fact Sheet on Childhood Obesity; Free VERB Materials; New ADA Guidelines for Recreation Facilities; Updated NIH Senior Health Web Site; Policy Profiles
  • PROMOTING ACTIVE COMMUNITIES: Partnerships to Promote Active Living; Neighborhood Walking Guide; New Active Living Resource; Active Living Research Funding; Active Living Leadership Awards
  • UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: Proposals for Pro Walk/Bike 2004; Making Cities Livable Conference; Obesity and Built Environment Conference

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