PRC Student Recognized for Contributions to USC Graduate Student Association

USC PRC Student Danielle Schoffman featured in the USC Times for work in building graduate community

Danielle Schoffman is always on the go -- between completing homework, writing her dissertation proposal, working in the Prevention Research Center and maintaining a social life.

And, as if she weren’t busy enough, the second-year doctoral student in the Arnold School of Public Health’s Health Promotion, Education & Behavior program has taken on the Graduate Student Association (GSA), trying to bridge the gap between the colleges and schools. Schoffman says she wouldn’t devote time to something if she wasn’t passionate about it.

 “I love what I’m studying and I really enjoy my graduate assistant position,” says Schoffman, a Presidential Fellow. “I find that intellectually stimulating, but I’ve found that GSA is a different set of skills, and it gives me this whole area of opportunities that I’ve never had access to. It feels like it’s worth making the time to do it.” 

To read more about Danielle's work with the graduate student community at USC, visit the full USC Times story here.