USC PRC's Physical Activity and Public Health Course Highlighted on the CDC's "Prevention Stories" Website

Researchers at the 2012 PAPH course

South Carolina Training course leads to improved outdoor space for physical activity

The CDC recently highlighted the accomplishments of the University of South Carolina PRC’s Physical Activity and Public Health (PAPH) Course, a program that the USC PRC has run since 1996. The PAPH trains health department professionals and post graduate researchers in exercise science and public health evidence-based practices. The experiential learning focus of the course has allowed course attendees to apply their knowledge and improve the physical activity environment in Bluffton, South Carolina and Park City, Utah, where the course is taught.

The CDC story applauded the PAPH program, saying that the "capstone experience serves as an exemplary model and inspired other state, national, and international government agencies to create similarly structured courses".

Read the full CDC story here; to read more about the PAPH, visit the training program's website here.